LOTTO – The lottery that can’t be stopped.

So what is LOTTO, you ask? Well, LOTTO is a brand new Ethereum based Lottery project. Their first lottery was held on 02.02.2021, and at the time of writing, Coingecko shows a current token price of ~$0.12. The project’s inherent design features aim to make LOTTO an immutable and decentralized operation, governed by the community alone, with the final goal of being a weekly recurring Lottery that can’t be stopped.

How does LOTTO work? First of all, you need to be a LOTTO Token holder. That’s why we strongly recommend you to check out if you were eligible for the airdrop so that you can claim¬†your free LOTTO tokens. If you haven’t been so lucky, you can still get them on the Uniswap and Bilaxy exchanges. Now that you have LOTTO tokens in your wallet, you have done everything necessary to participate in your first blockchain-based lottery round. From this point on, everything is regulated by the underlying smart contract, from the deduction of the entry fee to the distribution of the weekly jackpot. This will resume until your wallet has insufficient funds to participate in the next Lottery draw.
Finally, all you have to do is periodically check your wallet to see if you were the lucky LOTTO jackpot winner.

How to get your LOTTO tokens from the airdrop? Since January the 28th, 2021, the LOTTO airdrop claim portal has gone live. There you can connect your Metamask wallet to the claim portal to receive your free tokens. After you claimed the airdrop, you will have to add the LOTTO “Token Contract Adress” to the list of assets in your Metamask wallet via the “Add Token” button.

Lotto LogoLOTTO Token Contract Address:

After completing this task, the token will be visible in your wallet, and you are ready to take part in your very first blockchain-based Lottery.

Now you might ask, who is eligible for the airdrop? First of all, everyone who registered for the airdrop via telegram or 4chan can already start looking in their wallets for their tokens. UFR token holders who held at least more than one UFR token in their wallet at the snapshot date are eligible for 2.000 LOTTO tokens (5x bonus). Pool Together Users will be rewarded with 400 LOTTO. Anyone who owned one of the top 50 DeFi tokens in a self-controlled wallet (not exchange wallet) on January 18th, 2021, at 6 AM EST, the day of the snapshot, is also eligible for 400 LOTTO per address. For a complete list of the different supported projects, you can check out the following medium article.

If you missed out on the airdrop, you can, of course, get your tokens to participate in the ethereum based Lottery on the free crypto market. Currently, the LOTTO token is listed on the decentralized Uniswap exchange as well as on Bilaxy. And, of course, more exchange listings are planned in the near future.

If you don’t want to miss any news and updates on the project, you can follow LOTTO on their social media channels on Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Facebook, and of course, on their official Website.


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