MetaMask: A small introduction

In this article, we show you how to set up and work with the MetaMask browser extension. So nothing stands in the way of becoming part of the more than 1 million users worldwide and to research and expand the network. MetaMask is a worldwide popular, secure, and free browser extension that web applications can use to interact with or even read, the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask also includes a key deposit and an Ethereum wallet for managing ETH-based crypto assets. Thus, all important data are in the hand of the user, which ensures maximum security. So let’s begin.

Install MetaMask in your browser

The browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Opera.

  1. Open the URL:
  2. Next, choose the right extension for your browser
  3. After you have done this, your browser will ask you to add the extension.

Create an account

After the browser is ready, create your new account in the next step.

  1. Now click on Get Started to begin.
  2. Next click on Create a Wallet.
  3. Now you will be asked to create a new password and continue by clicking the Create button.
  4. A so-called seed phrase consisting of 12 words is then displayed. IMPORTANT: Be sure to keep the seed phrase safe! Then press Next.
  5. In the next step, verify the previously saved seed phrase and press Confirm when done.



With the completion of the confirmation you have now successfully created your MetaMask account and a new ETH wallet address has been automatically added to the account. Now there is nothing standing in the way of receiving ETH-based tokens or shopping with your credit in supported webshops.


 Now that you have a new account it is time to transfer the ETH you already have to MetaMask. You do this as follows:

  1. Click on Deposit
  2. Option: Select Directly Deposit Ether
  3. Copy the ETH address
  4. Now take the address you just copied and send from your existing wallet ETH to this address. And after the necessary confirmation has been made on the blockchain, you will find your token in the MetaMask wallet.


Now that you have loaded your ETH balance, you can send your token again. And this happens as follows:

  1. Click Send
  2. Set the ETH quantity
  3. Set Fee
  4. Click Next
  5. Click Confirm

 Never forget to check the requested permissions before making connections.

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