Whether you're starting with a modest 0.1 ETH or are prepared to allocate more than 10 ETH, our guide offers practical tips tailored for various risk tolerance levels. 

Getting Started

Firstly, register on the blast.io airdrop page. Connect your wallet, approve the necessary signature, and you'll be redirected to the Blast Airdrop Page. You'll need a referral code "92MLY", a Twitter account, and a Discord account. Connect these accounts, then follow and join the required channels.

Blast Airdrop Dashboard
After you have completed the first step, you should see your airdrop dashboard, which shows you your earned points and your gold.

Bridge your first ETH to start!

Once you complete the registration, your airdrop dashboard will display your points and "gold" status. To begin, bridge your first ETH to the Blast mainnet. We recommend using orbiter.finance for this, as it allows you to bridge ETH from various chains directly to Blast. Connect your wallet, choose your source chain, set "Blast" as the destination, enter the amount, and complete the transaction.



From now on, you'll accumulate airdrop points. You can track your progress on the blast.io airdrop page. Because accumulating points can be competitive, we suggest focusing on farming Blast Gold. There are about 50 million gold units expected to be distributed among DAPPS on Blast.


Estimated value of the gold
Estimated value of the gold
1 Gold is worth approx. 35k Points


WTF is Blast Gold?

Blast Gold is a reward for engaging within the Blast ecosystem. The more you interact with various Dapps, the better your chances of earning a share. Approximately 50 million gold units will be distributed over 10 phases to valuable and unique apps, with distributions occurring every three weeks.
So far there has only been the Big Bang event that opened the Blast mainnet and the first gold distribution. Dapps live on Mainnet were weighted based on the following formula: Category Weight x Blast-native Weight x Dapp Weight.



DAPPS that we consider worthy!

Even though Blast is still relatively new, the ecosystem already seems to be very extensive. We are currently categorizing our preferred decentralized applications (DAPPs) based on their potential for broader adoption, making them worthy of further exploration and gold distributions. Additionally, we will provide a brief evaluation of each DAPP, focusing on capital intensity—where lower means less expensive—and the required effort, with lower indicating less effort, in our view. Dont forget many of this DAPPs can come with additional Token Drops from them!


Districtone is one of the must-haves in Blast. It is categorized in the SocialFi category and has big supporters like Binance, Crypto.com and Kucoin.
Getting started is easy, register via our reflink, pay a small registration fee, connect your socials and get started. We recommend activating sOLE and buying a room, participating in the room rallies and collecting gems. Gems are relevant for future gold allocation. In addition, Distirictone will airdrop 5 million OLE to all users based on their collected GEMS.

Capital: 2 of 5 - Effort: 5 of 5 - Risk: 2 of 5


Thruster currently places as the Uniswap of Blast. You can find here the most liquidity. You can earn here Gold by swapping and providing LP. In addition you will be rewarded in the future with a native token from Thruster.

Capital: 5 of 5 - Effort: 1 of 5 - Risk: 1 of 5

Sekai Glory

SEKAI GLORY is an anime autobattler trading card game on mobile. Its quite simple you get a free pack once you sign up and have a deck, with this deck you can fight battles. If you want to be competitive you can spend some money on more packs. We think its worth to have a try to get there a allocation. If you search for a reflink, simply join their discord, there you should get easily one.

Capital: 2 of 5 - Effort: 4 of 5 - Risk: 3 of 5


If you are more interested in trading, we think DTX is a good alternative. It is a derivatives exchange built on Blast. You can earn an allocation here with trading and providing lp. To get started, just sign up and trade around, the allocation is based on your volume.

Capital: 4 of 5 - Effort: 4 of 5 - Risk: 5 of 5

Proceed with Caution

As exciting as these opportunities are, it's crucial to proceed with caution. The Blast ecosystem is still developing, and risks are inherent in new platforms. We will keep you updated on new gold distributions and further insights into the ecosystem.

The full list of all Dapps that have received Gold can be found in this Google document.
Explore the Blast ecosystem yourself to discover hidden gems and maximize your gold distribution. Happy exploring!

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