How to Airdrop?


How to Airdrop?

If you follow our blog regularly, you should have seen our “Where are my token?” post including an essiential point “You made a mistake at the registration”.

During our AirdropBob Giveaway Event we noticed a load of users providing wrong social media information. (Usernames in the wrong format, Share links were not correct, etc.)
Therefore, we decided to create this small tutorial “How to find all required information” for the most important social media channels.

1. Mails

Be sure to use a working email address and check your mails on a regular base.
Above all, additional steps to claim your token and important project updates could be missed.

2. Telegram

Task: Join group or channel and provide username. It could also be necessary to stay active in their group and show active interest in the project. (Do not miss this information!)

Where do I find my Telegram username? (Telegram web)

Open your Telegram Account Settings (Top left) to get your Telegram username.
Please carefully check, in which format the Telegram username is requested. For instance it could be including “@”, or without.

3. Twitter

Task: Follow Channel and provide username or profile URL. Share, like, comment tweets and provide correct URL.

Where can I find my Twitter username?

Please carefully check, in which format the Twitter name is needed. For instance it could be including “@”, or without.

These are common formats:
– @Username
– Username
– Twitter profile URL (“”)

Task: Like, comment and retweet a tweet and provide URL (additionally tag friends)
If it is required to tag a number of friends to your Retweet, go to your Twitter profile and click on “Followers” to see your friends and copy their usernames (@Username).

Comment (left), Like (right) and/or Retweet (middle) are the common requirements.
Click on the Retweet symbol (middle), choose “Retweet with comment” and add a comment. (additionally add the usernames of the friends you want to tag)

Where can I find the correct URL to my Retweet?

Go to your Twitter page and click on the Tweet, which has been retweeted by you.
This will open the selected Tweet in a single window and display the URL of your Retweet.

(The URL must point to your Twitter profile!)


4. Facebook

Most important, the Airdrop organizer needs to be able to check your participation.
Therefore, do not forget to set you profile to “Public”, otherwise you may get disqualified.

Go to your Facebook Profile settings, click on Privacy and check the configuration for:
“Who can see your future posts?”
“Who can see you friends list?”
(both should be set to Public)

Task: Follow channel and provide your profile URL

Where do I find my profile URL?

Go to your Facebook profile page and copy the URL.

Task: Share a post and provide the correct URL

Select the Post you want to share, click on Share and be sure to select “Share Now (Public)”.

How to get the correct URL of my shared post?

After sharing, go to your Facebook profile and use “Save link” for the selected post.
You should now see the notification “See saved items” on top of your share.

In your “Saved Items” section, search for the saved post and click on “View Original Post”

This will open the selected Post in a single window and display the URL of your shared Post.


In conclusion, if you follow these points, there should be no more problems in the future.

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