All of us, who participate in crypto airdrops regularly have made this experience before. You research for a few hours and find the perfect project with a great new airdrop. You follow all their instructions and then you wait for distribution, but nothing happens… After some point, you face the reality that the airdrop you participated in didn't give you any reward. So why does this happen? Well, don't go away, because we might have some answers for you! So to help you understand why sometimes you don't receive the airdrop, where you have put so much time and effort, we compiled this list for you.  

Now lets start right away and get into it.

From time to time it takes quite a while to receive your token, the reason, therefore, are long ICO timelines, exchange listing requirements before distribution, and so on. Sometimes other reasons can be responsible that you did not get tokens.

1. You made a mistake at the registration

It often happens to people that they enter the wrong email address. Then other people enter a wrong or invalid wallet address like an exchange address for example. Social media usernames in a not correct format and wrong share URLs are also a common problem, resulting in the loss of the airdrop. Check out our "How to Airdrop" Tutorial, which will help you make no mistakes at this point.

2. Many people simply fail to pass the human check

This could be because a bot has been used to do the airdrop for them and then got caught by the team and banned. Or they simply failed to finish the required tasks to check if they are human, like captchas or other possible means.

3. Exit of social media channels

Another big mistake of users is that they do all the necessary steps and follow all the requested social media channels of the project but they leave the social media channels before the airdrop is distributed. This action kicks them off the airdrop program, which is really sad because they put in so much effort and were so close but failed because of a tiny but very significant mistake.

4. Did not complete all mandatory steps

A lot of the participants simply don't finish the entire process and fail to complete all required tasks to earn the airdrop. So always check for the steps marked as „mandatory“.

5. Project failed

Up till now all mistakes, as painful as they might be, were up to the participants. But of course, there are always two parties that can be at fault. And sometimes you as a user did everything right and still don't get your token. That's because it also can happen a new project fails to deliver. They might have been too enthusiastic and simply could not deliver on their promises. This of course seems unfair for all your effort, but that is simply part of the game.

6. Scam

Last but not least on this first list of reasons why you didn't get your tokens is that the whole thing might have been a scam to get email addresses, wallet addresses, and other information of airdrop and cryptocurrency interested crowd.  

And that's why we are here for you.

Our goal is to provide you with the easiest and most rewarding airdrops so you don't fall prey to scammers and other bad actors in the crypto space. We try to provide you with all advantages possible and always list all the required steps you have to make, to finish the whole process like a pro, so you will never miss any airdrop again.

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