Bitpanda – An introduction to Europe’s leading crypto broker

As you might already know, Bitpanda has become one of the most prominent players in the realm of secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. But of course, this didn’t happen overnight. It all began back in 2014 in Vienna, Austria, when the company was known as Coinimal. Since then, the company steadily grew its product and service portfolio, and with it its userbase. Currently, Bitpanda services more than 1.2 million active clients, and they gain new customers every day. The only caveat to mention here is that it is only possible for European citizens to get registered and verified on the platform. But if you can complete the whole process, you are eligible to buy, sell, and send your favorite cryptos and even precious metals like gold and silver. And to quote Bitpanda directly, “With Bitcoin premiums at 1.49% (buy and sell), Bitpanda is the cheapest place for buying and selling Bitcoin instantly.”

Fiat Support and payment/payout options
The supported Fiat currencies for easy onboarding of new customers include the Euro, the US dollar, the Swiss franc, and the British pound. Of course, this not only includes deposits to the platform but the withdrawals as well. And the recommended services recommended by Bitpanda include payment via credit card, GIROPAY, Amazon, Skrill, NETTELLER, Sepa, to name a few.

As you most definitely know, a platform’s security and integrity are some of the most important questions for every responsible investor. And so far, the top-notch security measures of Bitpanda have made them one of the industry’s most secure trading desks. Not only does Bitpanda encourage the use of 2-factor authentification, but DDoS protection and SSL encryption are standard as well.

Products and Services
And then, of course, there is a wide range of products and services.

  • Bitpanda
    The first service offered when the company started as Coinimal is the brokerage service, which gives its users the option to buy and sell the industry’s most common cryptocurrency. Attention, before you register, always make sure, if any special bonuses are happening.
    Have you heard about the Welcome Bonus, which they give away? Here you can find more information and a detailed step by step guide to earn €10 easily.
    And there is also an easy Beginner Test, which you definitely should check to get BEST worth of €5.
  • Bitpanda Pro
    This part of the Bitpanda ecosystem was created with professional traders and businesses in mind. It allows the use of trading bots via the platform’s trading API. Furthermore, no extra verification is needed if you have an account on the basic exchange, plus you can utilize the BEST token to get the 25% trading fee discount.
  • Bitpanda Plus
    This exclusive service was created to cater to clients who want to trade volumes that exceed the exchange’s standard limits and thus need higher limits. Besides, clients will also receive exclusive services and discounts.
  • Bitpanda Savings
    The Bitpanda Savings plan lets you periodically put some Fiat in your favorite cryptos. With this service, you can build a steadily growing portfolio with an automatically executed savings plan, available to be paid for with credit card or SEPA direct debit. And for maximum flexibility, you can pause the savings plan or even set up multiple savings accounts. It is all up to you.
  • Bitpanda Metals
    Start diversifying your portfolio with an investment in precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, or platinum. The premiums for this service start at 0.5%, and there is even the option for a savings plan for precious metals.
  • Bitpanda Pay
    Use Bitpanda to take more control of your finances and start paying your bills via the Bitpanda Pay service.
  • Bitpanda to go
    The easiest way to buy your favorite cryptos in Austria is Bipanda to go. It gives you excess to redeemable vouchers, which can be purchased in more than 400 Austrian post offices and around 1350 of their partners. Currently, the vouchers are available in €50, €100, and €500 denominations.
  • Bitpanda Swap
    The easiest way to instantly swap your digital assets to any other asset available on the platform is Bitpanda Swap. It’s easy to use, secure, and limit free.

Bitpanda Native Token

Bitpanda Ecosystem Token – BEST
The BEST token, as the name suggests, is an integral part of the entire Bitpanda ecosystem. The BEST holders are eligible for multiple benefits like trading fee discounts of 25%, a special VIP service, lower deposit fees, and many more.

Pantos – PAN
The ERC20 based PAN token is created to bring cross-chain token transfers to life to enable different blockchain projects to connect in a standardized way.

Learning academy
As a special bonus, Bitpanda provides its users with a dedicated learning academy. Their lessons range from beginners to expert levels and cover a wide range of topics. And best of all, you can even earn some BEST tokens as a reward for studying in the academy.

Now that we have covered all the important details, it is time for our conclusion. First of all, the platform is one of the safest in the industry and Europe’s leading retail crypto broker. Their innovative products and constantly growing services are a testament to their strength and commitment to their customers.
So if you live in Europe, you will hardly find a better solution to investing in cryptos or even precious metals.

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