From Monaco to - In June 2016 the company, Monaco Technologies GmbH was founded by Kris Marszalek. One year later, the MCO token sale began and was successfully completed. A total of 27.7 million USD was raised.  In October 2017 the MCO Visa Card Program went live, shortly after the mobile application got released. In July 2018, after a successful domain purchase, Monaco was rebranded to The original content of the domain was related to cryptography and the domain owner never intended to sell it, especially not to a cryptocurrency project. An unknown sum seemed to have changed his mind. According to estimates, the domain was acquired for 12 million dollars. Later that year a new token called Chain (CRO) was announced. CRO got partly distributed via an airdrop to MCO holders.

Crypto Currency in every wallet in an easy and convenient way.

Over 2 million users are already trusting Their headquarter is located in Hong Kong. There are various other company locations worldwide, from China (Guangdong, Shenzhen), Malta, Zug, Singapore, and Bulgaria to multiple locations in the USA. Currently, they have a 170+ employee-strong team. Now we want to explain how you can use the different services and advantages offered by

How to start?

First of all, you need to create a account. Here we have a great bonus for you, as soon as you order your debit card and stake CRO equivalent to $400, you will receive up to a $25 bonus in CRO. To be eligible for this bonus, you have to use the referral code 9pfvhyq923. To complete your registration, you need to confirm your mail and you will be required to complete a procedure called KYC. Therefore you need to provide your legal name, a picture of your government-issued ID, and a selfie. There are 3 different ways to deposit cryptocurrency assets or fiat money to your account.

  • Via Exchange For the first 30 days after registration, you are unlocked to receive a 2% Deposit Bonus for any crypto deposits on the exchange. Another benefit is the 0% trading fees during the first 90 days. App and Exchange are 2 different wallets, but you can shift balances very easily and fast.
  • Via SEPA transfer
  • Via Credit Card

What advantages does the debit card have?

The card offers different rewards depending on how many CROs you are willing to stake. It is possible to stake up to an equivalent of $400.000 in CRO. The smallest card that activates your registration bonus requires a stake an equivalent of $400 in CRO. Cards

You can compare the different Card Tiers on their official website.

Card CRO staking rewards:
- Jade Green or Royal Indigo Card (6-month staking) / 4% rewards
- All higher Card Tiers (6-month staking) / 8% rewards

Please note:
- FIAT currency must be available on the credit card to use it. There is no automatic conversion/conversion that must be done manually via the app.
- There is no minimum amount to receive cashback for credit card payments.
- If you want to upgrade your card to a higher level, this will extend the waiting time and cause additional costs. Consider carefully which card you order first.
- Royal Indigo, Jade Green cards have a monthly CRO cashback cap of $50
- Ruby Steel card has a monthly CRO cashback cap of $25

If you buy and stake an equivalent of $400 in CRO for 6 months via staking in App, you are eligible for the Ruby Steel Visa Credit Card, including a 1% CRO cashback on ALL card spending. Additionally, you'll get your Spotify monthly subscription fee refunded if paid via your credit card. (USD 12.99 Equiv. paid in CRO) All benefits will stay active as long as your CRO staking is not canceled.

You can request your Credit Card via App Select 'Card' and navigate to the Card you would like to request and purchase/stake the amount of CRO token proportional to the card you are requesting. Earn with up to 14,5% Cashback

You can lock different kinds of cryptocurrencies (CRO, BTC, ETH, ...) to get rewarded (up to 14,5% p.a.) on a weekly basis depending on your CRO staking amount.
Available terms are:
Flexible (Assets can be withdrawn anytime)
1-month lock Term
3-month lock Term Earn
Compare the different reward levels on their official website. Syndicate Fundraising Platform with 10% Cashback and 50% off discount

Every week, is listing new digital assets and is offering a 50% discount for a pool of newly listed coins. BTC, ETH, NEO are some already finished ones.
To be eligible for this promotion, you need to stake at least 10.000 CRO on the Exchange for 180 days or more and your past 30D trading volume needs to fulfill the minimum depending on your CRO-staked level. CRO Staking via Exchange will also activate a 10% interest APR reward, paid on a daily base. Syndicate

After CRO staking and fulfilling the trading volume requirement you can register for an upcoming Syndicate Event and deposit a chosen amount of CRO which you want to invest. (min. 300 CRO) Depending on the number of participants, your staking level, and the amount of CRO you've invested, you will get informed about the final token amount you are entitled to buy with 50% off. All unused CRO will be refunded to your account.
After you received all information via mail you can accept or reject the offer. With this promotion, you can get 10% on your CRO staking (on Exchange) and a weekly option to buy Crypto with 50% off!

The final token allocation is calculated with the following formula:
User Final Allocation = CRO pledged by user / Total amount of CRO pledged by all participants * Total amount of project coins subscribed


The Supercharger is a simple, flexible, and secure liquidity mining platform that allows users to deposit tokens (with the option to withdraw at any time) in order to mine the most popular DeFi tokens on the Exchange and App. Each month a new token is promoted, all you've to do is to lock your CRO token. Already finished Supercharger events: Uniswap Protocol, Bitcoin, Polkadot

Any amount you wish, for any period you wish!  

Basically, the process is divided into three parts:

  1. Charging Period (30 days): Lock CRO token (minimum 100) through Exchange or App. Users can deposit and withdraw tokens from the liquidity pool as often as they wish. Depending on the number of tokens, as well as the lock duration, your Liquidity Score will be calculated. Throughout the Charging Period, one snapshot of the liquidity pool would be taken every hour and the liquidity provided by each user would be logged.
  2. Acceptance Period: Immediately after the Charging period ends, you will receive an email with your final liquidity score and token rewards. You need to accept your reward via Exchange or App before the distribution begins otherwise you will lose that portion of the reward scheduled to be distributed.
  3. Reward Distribution: The distribution will be evenly split into 30 days, and the user is entitled to all 30 days if the user accepts the terms before the Reward distribution period begins.

Gift Cards with up to 10% Cashback offers up to 10% CRO Cashback for voucher orders via their app.

How to access it?
Available via App / Pay (top right) / Gift Cards / Shop now
Select your country to see the voucher providers available for you.
Depending on your CRO staking level on Earn or Staking via Exchange you will receive the following cashback percentage: Pay Rewards

All gift cards are in electronic form.  It will be delivered both in-app and to your registered email.

Since has an enormous number of different offers and we have not mentioned everything here, you should definitely inform yourself thoroughly.

Links and More: Terms & Conditions Whitepaper

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