Welcome back to our "Potential Airdrops" series with today's candidate: opBNB Protocol

Update 08/23:
Testnet activities on Galxe are closed

opBNB: Empowering BSC with Scalability and Affordable Transactions

Blockchain technology has gained immense popularity in recent years, revolutionizing various industries and offering decentralized solutions. However, scalability and high transaction fees have remained significant challenges for networks like the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In response to these obstacles, opBNB emerges as a game-changing Layer 2 solution, enhancing the performance and affordability of the BSC network.

opBNB: Empowering BSC with Scalability: opBNB is built on the bedrock version of the Optimism opStack, offering a layer 2 solution that significantly enhances the scalability of the BSC network. By utilizing Optimistic Rollups, opBNB moves computation and state storage off-chain, reducing congestion and transaction costs. This approach enables high throughput and lower fees, providing a more seamless and efficient user experience.

Affordability and Low Transaction Fees: One of the standout features of opBNB is its ability to offer stable and low-cost gas fees. With a game-changing block size of 100M, opBNB ensures that users can transact on the BSC network with minimal expenses. This affordability paves the way for widespread adoption in various digital environments, including gaming, decentralized exchanges, daily transactions, and digital collectibles.

Enhanced Security and Integrity: opBNB implements a fraud-proving scheme for transaction validity, ensuring the security and integrity of the network. In the event of a challenge to a rollup transaction, anyone can provide a fraud-proof. If successful, the transaction(s) will be re-executed, preserving the network's integrity and mitigating potential risks.

EVM-Compatibility and Developer-Friendly Platform: opBNB provides developers with a powerful and EVM-compatible platform, allowing them to create open ecosystems and build innovative decentralized applications. The opBNB team has made substantial contributions to the Optimism Stack, facilitating the growth and development of Layer 2 solutions.

Mass Adoption and Future Prospects: opBNB plays a crucial role in the broader vision of the BNB Chain, aiming for mass adoption of blockchain technology. By offering high-performance, cost-effective, and secure transactions, opBNB enhances user experiences and opens up new possibilities for businesses and individuals alike. As opBNB continues to evolve and gain traction, we can expect various dApps and protocols to leverage its capabilities, further driving innovation and growth in the BSC ecosystem.


opBNB is a groundbreaking Layer 2 solution that addresses the scalability and affordability challenges faced by the BSC network. With its Optimistic Rollups and fraud-proving scheme, opBNB empowers users with fast and cost-effective transactions, making blockchain technology more accessible and inclusive. As opBNB evolves and gains momentum, it will continue to pave the way for widespread adoption, revolutionizing the BSC ecosystem and driving the future of decentralized applications.


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- BSC wallet like Metamask
- Small amount of BNB tokens for fees


Get some Testnet tokens via this faucet / Alternative: faucet
Visit the opBNB Testnet bridge and connect your wallet
  - Switch to the "Withdraw" tab and click on "Switch to opBNB Testnet " to add another network to your MetaMask  wallet
  - Back to the opBNB Testnet bridge, bridge 0.02 BNB from the BNB Smart Chain Testnet to the opBNB Testnet
  - Test the bridge the other way and transfer 0.001 BNB from the opBNB Testnet to the BNB Smart Chain Testnet
  - Wait until the Transaction is submitted and click "Proof Withdrawal in History"
  - Wait until the Proof is completed and finalize the Transaction by clicking on "Finalize Withdrawal"

Visit the Orbiter Finance bridge and connect your wallet
  - Bridge the minimum amount of BNB tokens from the BNB Smart Chain Testnet to the opBNB Testnet

Visit the zkbridge website and connect your wallet
  - Click on the profile button located in the top-right corner
  - Select "NFT Faucet" from the options
  - Scroll down and select "zkBridge on opBNB"
  - Click on the "Request" Button - Please note that for this process, you need some BNB tokens for the gas fee in the BNB Mainnet chain
  - Once your transaction is confirmed, you will receive an NFT on the BNB chain. Then click on "zkBridge NFT."
  - Click on "Confirm Import." Then click on "Next."
  - Choose "opBNB" from the drop-down menu under "Receiver Blockchain." Then click on "Next."
  - Approve and transfer your NFT. Please note that this process requires some BNB tokens on the Mainnet chain.
  - Once the transaction is completed, you can claim your NFT on the opBNB chain.

After all listed tasks are completed, visit the Galxe website, connect your wallet, and claim your points
  - opBNB NFT Mint
  - opBNB NFT Cross Chain
  If you are unable to claim the points, please try again after a couple of hours.


You should always keep in mind that the various actions are usually not a guarantee for an airdrop or any reward.

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