Welcome back to our "Potential Airdrops" series with today's candidate: StarkNet
There are a large number of different tasks covering both the testnet (completely free) and the mainnet (not free).

Update 02/24:
The Starknet Foundation is on the verge of initiating the inaugural phase of the Starknet Provisions Program, which involves the distribution of Starknet Tokens (STRK) to the community. In this initial phase, the Foundation plans to allocate over 700 million STRK to approximately 1.3 million addresses.
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Introducing StarkNet: The Decentralized Validity-Rollup for Ethereum

StarkNet is a decentralized Validity-Rollup, also known as a ZK-Rollup, which operates as a secondary network on top of Ethereum. It utilizes the STARK cryptographic proof system to enable any decentralized application to scale up massively without compromising the security and compatibility of Ethereum. This is because StarkNet is built as a permission-free Layer 2 network that provides unlimited computational capacity while preserving the security and composability of Ethereum. The StarkNet contracts and operating system are programmed in Cairo, which facilitates the deployment and expansion of any business logic. 

StarkWare Industries, the Israeli cryptography software company that developed StarkNet, has a large team of blockchain engineers and works with top advisors in the blockchain industry, such as Joseph Lubin, the CEO, and founder of ConsenSys. The company successfully raised $100 million in a Series D funding round led by Greenoaks Capital and Coatue in May 2022, with an estimated valuation of $8 billion.


Social Media



- StarkNet compatible wallet like ArgentHQ or Braavos
ArgentHQUnfortunately, it is not possible to export/import an existing wallet between ArgentX and Braavos.
- Ethereum wallet like Metamask

There are a few things you need to prepare depending on whether you intend to operate solely within the testnet (free mode) or the mainnet (non-free mode).
Numerous tasks exist, all of which aid in utilizing and consequently examining the chain. While there is no assurance that executing the enumerated tasks will result in receiving an airdrop, past ventures have demonstrated that the possibility is not improbable.

testnet (free mode)

In case you aim to familiarize yourself with the chain and its diverse utilization methods without incurring any expenses, below are some possible methods.


- Use the faucet to get some StarkNet L2 Goerli ETH on your StarkNet compatible wallet
- Use the faucet to get some Goerli ETH on your Metamask wallet


- Use the bridge to move funds between the chains
- Use the Swap and other possible features of testnet starkdefi, testnet fibrous.finance
- Register a .stark testnet domain on testnet starknet.id and finish the different quests to lvl up


mainnet (non-free mode)

ETH (ERC20) is required for the following tasks. Depending on how many tasks you want to handle, no big costs are to be expected.
To save costs through fees, you should try to complete the tasks at times when the ERC20 chain is not particularly busy.


- Use the bridge to move ETH funds from ETH (ERC20) to the StarkNet chain


- Use the different bridges (starkgate / orbiter) to move funds between the chains
- Mint/Trade NFTs using mintsquare
- Register a .stark domain on starknet.id and link your social media accounts
- Use the Swap and other possible features of 10kswap, jediswap, myswap, ArgentHQ wallet swap
- Become a DAO voter on snapshot.org
To be eligible for DAO votes, you need to stake STG tokens and join stgdao.eth 
- There are a huge number of different DAPPs, you can find a good overview at starknet ecosystem or dappland

Zealy Quests

Complete various tasks to increase your lvl.



It is recommended to complete different tasks on several days to continuously test and support the project.


You should always keep in mind that the various actions are usually not a guarantee for an airdrop or any reward.

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